A drowning at sea and a cellphone receiving cryptic messages from the future propel 17-year-old Nathaniel into a search through time for his older brother Sebastian, missing after attempts on his life. Guided by a series of old diagrams to the site of a strange Garden destroyed in an earthquake, Nat discovers he himself has become the hunted, and Seb is someone marked with a code.

From the wild seas of Tasmania to ancient Greece through to New York City in 1911, Nat and his fellow-traveller Norika flee their pursuers into a Network where no one, including Seb, is quite as they seem. When they finally discover their connection to the long-ago Survivors and their Descendants, Nat faces a revelation about his brother that affects not only his future, but his past.

A science fiction thriller set in the near future and the ancient past, Akropolis considers an alternative ‘us’ and asks the question, what if we’re not who we think we are, what if ‘we’ are ‘them’? The book is currently unavailable.

Kirkus review:
“An engaging, fresh take on sci-fi…
…blends the fast-paced excitement of a classic time-travel novel with well-rounded characters and imaginative locations…
…will delight both teens and adults.”

Amazon customer review (5 stars):
“An interesting odyssey of two brothers, one who chooses the past and one who chooses the present…”

Goodreads review (5 stars):
“The Age of Akropolis is upon us…
I loved this book; it is so beautifully written, obviously well researched and the plot was full-on and fast-paced. The twists throughout were great, and with a mix of science fiction, fantasy, thriller, suspense and even historical fiction, it will appeal to a lot of people.”

5 thoughts on “Akropolis

  1. Sounds very exciting Cathy. I am sure it will appeal to young people with a love of Adventure Sci-Fi. I like the fact that the story begins its journey in the wild seas of Tasmania, the tale later unfolding in Greece and New York City. Ken and I both wish you luck with your book. After working on it for 3 years, you deserve it. Good for you!

  2. Hello Cath. Just finished Akropolis – a page-turner and very hard to put down.

    I enjoyed your looks at early democracy and Zen and really liked your take on our gorgeous east coast.

    I found the basis for the plot fascinating and very original, at least in my experience of the genre, You don’t give much away at any particular point and I found myself consciously assembling the details along with Nat, as I’m sure you intended. I like the way you “speculate” – not too much technology, a little animism, a little scientific “magic”.

    Congratulations, you’ve done a great job and I will certainly recommend it.

    Thanks for a good read.
    Bob Dickason

    PS. e-books are very frustrating when you want to go back and find plot links! B.

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  4. Hi Cathy,
    I loved Akropolis. I didn’t want to put it down and wished I could just drop out until I’d got to the end but alas duty and chores put paid to that idea. You’re a brilliant and great writer giving us a bit of history, geography, science, intrigue etc wrapped up in a great suspenseful story. I also thought the cover was very clever giving us a thumb nail sketch of the contents.
    Thanks for that great pleasure.

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